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Got Android 5.1.1 for the phone yesterday, but unfortunately the problem with transition from wifi to mobile network remains :(

Ever since the update to Android 5.1 my old Nexus 4 has started to have problem switching from wifi to mobile network. This is extra annoying since this is almost exactly the same problem it had (briefly before it was fixed by an update) when it was brand new.

A new year and a new job. Today I started working at
Smart Eye.
All 3 of my devices that can get Android 5 now has Android 5. Unfortunately the phone has got 5.0, which has a problem with wifi. The wifi symbol has an exclamation mark in it and wifi just doesn't work. Apparently this has been fixed in Android 5.0.1, but there is also a workaround in 5.0 - use a static configuration instead of DHCP.

Added more
breadcrumb data, and generated new images.
Today I have added a couple of more weeks worth of data to my
breadcrumbs. The interpolation and smoothing algorithms have been tweaked a bit, but there is still room for a lot of further tweaking.
Finally I've gotten around around doing something with the data I've collected for my
breadcrumbs project. breadcrumbs beta

I've bought a new laptop - an
Asus N56JR. It is mostly going to serve as a replacement for my old desktop. So far I'm happy with it, but getting it to dual boot Ubuntu was less than smooth. The Ubuntu install DVD wouldn't start fully, it would just get stuck after a while (as did the Linux Mint DVD). Only after having turned off fast boot and secure boot, and booting the install DVD with options
would the install start properly. The actual install then went smoothly, but after rebooting the laptop would just boot straight into Windows, without any option to boot into Ubuntu. The boot repair DVD wouldn't work for me, but booting the the Ubuntu install DVD in live mode, installing boot repair and running it from there, then finally it was possible to get the boot menu to work properly.
I've never played the original board game version of Elder Sign, but I have enjoyed the app version
Elder Sign: Omens a lot. Initially it was quite tricky, but now I've defeated all of the Great Old Ones / Ancient Ones, including the ones in the expansions The Call of Cthulhu, The Dark Pharaoh and The Trail of Ithaqua (Difficulty: Insane!).

Knowing exactly how the green, yellow and red glyph dice are, helps rather a lot. The green dice has 3 Investigation glyphs (1, 2, 3) and one each of Terror, Peril and Lore. The yellow dice replaces the Terror glyph with 4x Investigation. The red dice has Investigation (2,3,4), Peril, Lore and a Wildcard glyph. I believe the probabilities in the app may have been tweaked a bit, but it still helps to think about them as dice.

Picking the right investigation team is also important. I've had most success with the following team:
In some ways the expansions are not really that much harder than the normal scenarios. It is mostly a matter of staying alive and sane longer, without making a serious mistake. The expansion scenarios also have an end battle, which you more or less have to have seen once (No, I'm not going to tell you. No spoilers), so you can build up investigators so that they can prevail in the end battle next time.
Typical recation from me while using Python:
Oh, this is nice. How come I don't do this more often?

Typical reaction from me while using Perl:
Gah! What have I done to deserve this?!?

Life of a Programmer
New toy, new Nexus 7.

I believe
Spotify may have done something to their radio algorithm. It is no longer quite as prone to playing the same songs over and over again. Better, but I still miss a bit.
If it ain't broke, and you fix it anyway, you'd better have good unit test coverage.

Late, but smooth, upgrade of the server to
Scientific Linux 6.4.
A power supply died on Sunday, so the server has been down a little while. It is back up and running now, though.

It's vacation time, and while traveling I've tested a couple of different exercise apps. Here are the ones I liked:

Will Android 4.2.2 be better at coping with the transition from wifi to mobile network? Me and my Nexus 4 hopes so. One success of one possible so far.

I have liked my Samsung Galaxy S. It has lasted 2.5 years, but now it is time for a new phone. The main issue I have had with it is that it stopped being properly supported with updates after only a year. Yes, you can flash a custom ROM, but the point is you should not have to. Unfortunately, when it comes to updates most manufactures seem to be about equally crappy. I am disappointed by the lack of updates, and therefore I won't wait for the Galaxy S 4, I'm getting a Nexus 4 instead. That way the phone will at least be properly supported for 2 years (twice as long!!!).

sed tip of the day:
The stream editor
sed is really useful and can often save you a lot of time (especially when combined with find). However, when you do use it in Cygwin it can be really frustrating. This is because sed keeps on messing up the Windows CR LF newline. Today I learned there is a very simple solution to this - use -b for binary processing (as opposed to text processing) and sed will keep CR LF intact. For example
sed -b -i 's/foo/bar/g' baz-file
will replace all occurences of foo with bar in baz-file without messing up the Windows newlines.
training starts again today! This time I will also fill in as an instructor for the first month or so.
After the 15th of January I
will no longer be able to listen to I will miss it. For a long time has been my primary source of new (to me) music.
For multiple years I have paid for excellent web radio.
I would pay more for access to excellent web radio in my mobile...
...but I won't pay anything at all for web radio without radio.

I use Spotify too, but the radio functionality there just isn't any good. It amazes me how a basing a spotify radio station on a large and varied playlist still results in the same songs being played over and over again. They really can't have spent much effort on that algorithm. *sigh*
Well, at least the app in Spotify seems promising. Too bad it doesn't appear to be available in the mobile app.
The server has been updated to Scientific Linux 6.3, and I have added a simple are-you-human-test to the
Pointless PHP Mandelbrot Generator. Hopefully that will keep pesky bots from getting lost in the generated content.
Annoyances today
  1. Stupid bots that does not honor Disallow in robots.txt , and gets stuck in generated content.
  2. Russian referrer spam.
200 days
uptime today. Not bad.
git reflog to the rescue!
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